Sales Center: Getting started

The operation of the Sales Center depends on the limits of its instruments. You can find the detailed information on the pricing page. Sales Center is not available in the archive On-Premise edition of Bitrix24.CRM .

The Sales Center is based on the Bitrix24 online store. Its pages are sent to the customer in the chat. Therefore, you should create your online store before setting up Sales in Chats.

Read more information in the article: Create an online store in Bitrix24

Set up Sales in chats

The Chat enabled sales template will be created automatically in your stores catalog when working with payments from the client. You need to perform one of the actions:

  • Go to the CRM deal form and click the Accept payment button. Specify the product selected by the client and check if the payment system is connected.
    Read more information in the article: Accept payment in the deal form.

  • You can also configure online store in the online chat. Click the Start selling button.
  • There can be only one online store with the Chat enabled sales template.

Edit standard site pages

There are several standard pages inside the Chat enabled sales online store. All pages are filled with test data. To change the information click on the desired page.

Read more information in the article: Create your site in Bitrix24.

In edit mode, you can change, move and create blocks.

Connect Open channels

Once the site pages are configured, you need to connect social networks and messengers to communicate with customers.

Now all customer requests will come to the Bitrix24 chat, and customers will get answers in the network channel.

Set up payment systems

Set up payment systems to accept payments. In the Sales Center section, click the Payment systems block.

Read more information in the article: Сonnect payment systems in Sales Center.
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