Service booking via chat

Using the Sales Center, you can send a CRM form to your clients while chatting with them.

Don't forget to configure the Sales Center first. Read more in the article - Sales Center: Getting started.

For example, you have a music studio and your clients often contact you via Facebook to schedule a lesson. To make the booking process easy, create a CRM form with Book a Resource field.

Read more in the article - Resource booking in CRM forms.

In the Sales Center, click Service booking via chat, create a new page and select the CRM form that has a resource booking option.

Bitrix24 creates a new chat enabled sales page and automatically adds the selected CRM form there.

Now we are ready to send a link to this page to clients. Click the Start selling button in the open channel chat.

Then select the new page in the CRM forms section.

Your clients can pick a date, time and service they prefer and submit the form.

After the client completes the form, a new lead or deal is created automatically.

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