3D avatars in video calls

3D avatar works only in the Bitrix24 application for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can download the application on this page. If you do not have this feature, update your desktop application to the latest version.

How often have you found yourself wanting to hide your sleepy face during a video call? Or perhaps you would like to create a relaxed atmosphere for communicating with colleagues. With the new 3D avatars, your meetings with colleagues will become even more interesting.

A 3D avatar is an animated character that repeats your facial movements and facial expressions in real time, even if you just wink. Santa Claus, Owl, Bear and other characters will help you to express your emotions and mood.

How can you try a 3D avatar

  • During a video call. Start a video call and turn on the camera. In your video window, click the 3D avatar button. Choose a character you like and click Save.
  • You can also select a 3D avatar in the bottom setup panel. Click the Camera menu > Select Background and Avatar.

  • In the desktop application settings. Open the settings and go to the Calls tab. Click the 3D avatar button and turn on the camera. Select an avatar from the menu, and use the character preview in the left window. After selecting an avatar, click Save, and it will automatically turn on during video calls.
  • To disable the avatar, select No avatar and save your changes.

When you turn on a 3D avatar, it is accompanied by a thematic background, which is attached to each mask.

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