Difference between SIP connection and REST applications

SIP connector is a special module that helps to make outgoing calls and forward calls using your PBX.

REST applications are the third-party apps that allows to integrate Bitrix24 with various telephony services.

Read the information below to learn the difference between SIP connection and REST apps:

  • SIP connector:

    Access to Telephony in Bitrix24 and all CRM functions. Your telephony provider charges you for the outbound calls according to the chosen tariffs. SIP connector is available worldwide and its rent is $49/mo.

    When using SIP connector, you can make calls from a browser, Bitrix24 Desktop and Mobile apps.

  • REST API (Market apps):

    Call routing and voice traffic are managed on the end of your SIP PBX and cannot be transferred to Bitrix24. It helps reduce the time when a connection is established and improves the quality of communication in comparison with SIP connector.

    Some options are not available when using REST applications:

    • Voice broadcasting in Marketing section;
    • Calling from a browser, Bitrix24 Desktop and Mobile apps; you should use a separate softphone app or a SIP Phone;
    • Call transcription in text format (will be available soon in REST API).

    Some options are available in REST API, but their implementation depends on your telephony provider or the application developer:

    • Call recordings;
    • Callback;
    • Call rating;
    • Link between the number and the lead source field in CRM.
We do not recommend to use the application and SIP connection from one provider at the same time. It can cause errors: duplicate calls in the call details, no "Answer" button, etc.

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