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Bitrix24 provides you with a convenient tool specifically designed for conducting meetings and briefings. Discuss work issues with colleagues, document discussion points, and ensure no questions or tasks are missed.

Check if this tool is available on your plan. You can find all the information about Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.

How to create a meeting

Go to the Company section > open Time and reports tab > select Meeting and briefings.

My plan includes this feature, but there is no Meetings and briefings tab

If you don't see the Meetings and briefings tab under Time and reports, it could be because this tool is disabled in your account settings. To activate it, go to the Bitrix24 Account Settings section > scroll down to the Services section > enable the Meetings and briefings option > click Save.

Click the New meeting button.

Specify the topic, date, time, and duration of the meeting. Then select attendees, and administrative assistant who will be documenting the meeting. Also, define a location.

If you hold a meeting offline, reserve an available meeting room. If your employees work remotely, you can use video calls in Bitrix24 and hold a meeting online.

Add the meeting description and attach files if needed. Here you can also link the meeting to a workgroup or project.

Under Agenda, specify the issues that will be discussed during the meeting. You can add them from another meeting or task. For each topic, you can assign a responsible person, create a task, and set a deadline.

If you've linked a meeting to a project, tasks will also be added to this project.

All you have to do next is to click the Create meeting button.

All attendees will receive a notification inviting them to the meeting.

Refer to this article for guidance on holding a meeting.
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