Desktop app troubleshooting & help

If something isn't working with your Bitrix24 Desktop app, here are some things that you can try.

  • Check the Desktop app version and install available updates:

    To check the version number and see available updates, launch the app and:

    for Mac: click About Bitrix24 in the upper left corner;

    for Windows: right-click the application icon in the bottom right corner > click the gear button > About > Check for Updates.

    Refer to this article to learn how to update the Bitrix24 Desktop app.
  • Clean the Desktop app cache:

    Mac users can call the log files and data directory by pressing cmd + Shift + L.

    Windows users should use Ctrl + Shift + L command (that shows log files and data directory), stop the Desktop app, and delete the directory cef_cache. As an alternative, you can delete the directory following this path C: \ Users \ \ AppData \ Roaming \ Bitrix \ Desktop \ 3.0 \ cef_cache or C: \ Documents and settings \ \ Application Data \ Bitrix \ Desktop \ 3.0 \ cef_cache.

Here are some common issues you might face when using the Bitrix24 Desktop app and the ways you can fix them:

The Desktop app interface is blank

If your Desktop application interface is blank or displayed incorrectly:

  1. Try to use the command to solve the problem:

    for Windows: Ctrl + Shift + R

    for Mac: cmd + Shift + R

  2. Open chat with any user and send /clearWindowSize.

"TCP port cannot be used" error

If you get this error when launching the Desktop app, it could be because a second instance of the application is running.

For example, if several users work on the same server in parallel sessions. In this case, the first application has started to work correctly, but the other users will get this error because the application cannot use the same port.

Or this error may appear if some other program uses the same local port.

Not all messages displayed in the Desktop app

That can happen if:

  • you use a proxy server
  • you use a corporate proxy server
  • you run a firewall
  • your Internet connection is not stable

In the case of using a proxy server, you need to configure the settings for the application to work properly.

Also, the issue may occur on the Internet provider’s side. For example, the messages are not displayed immediately but are eventually delivered.

Some files failed to synchronize to Bitrix24 Drive

Please note that some file formats are not supported: .lnk, .tmp, .ini, .pl.

Files names should not contain any of the following symbols: / \ : * ? " ' | { } % ; & ~ # < >.

Click here to learn more about Bitrix24.Drive synchronization.
Windows XP is not supported anymore. That means that XP users cannot use the Bitrix24 Desktop app. But you can still use your Bitrix24 web version and web messenger (for example, with the latest version of the Google Chrome browser for Windows XP 49.0.2623.112).
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