Email templates in CRM

In Bitrix24 CRM, users can create email templates for various CRM entities. They allow you to save time on each email you craft and send out more effective emails.

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How to create email templates

Navigate to the CRM section > Settings > CRM settings.

Select the Email tab from the left menu and click Email Templates.

Click the Add email template button in the upper right corner.

All the available configuration options are specified below.

Active - this option is enabled by default. It makes a template available for use. Uncheck the box if you don't need the template to appear in the list of available templates.

Available to everyone - activate this option to make this template available to everyone. Otherwise, only you can use the template.

This option is available for the account administrators only. Regular users can create email templates for their personal use only.

Name - enter a name for the template so that you can easily identify it in the list.

Binding - here you need to choose for which CRM entity type this template will be available. For example, if you select Deals, you can choose this email template in a deal form only. If you don't set any binding here, the email template will be available in any CRM entity form.

This option can be applied only to individual emails.

From - set an email address that will be shown to email recipients as the sender's address.

Subject - enter the email subject that will be sent to the recipient.

Then proceed with the body of the email. If you bind a template to a specific CRM entity, you can extract and add some fields' values from it to the email body. For example, insert your client's name or the amount of the deal.

Insert an image

You can also insert images into the template.

Important! The image must be accessible from the outside, otherwise, it won't be displayed in the email. Note that Bitrix24.Drive public links cannot be used either. We recommend saving images to your server or an image hosting.
  1. Upload an image to an image hosting and copy a link to this image.

  2. Click the Image button when editing a template.

  3. Add image
  4. Paste the link and adjust the image size. Click Save.

The image is inserted into the template. For example, you can insert your company logo into the message using this method.

Image size shouldn't exceed 2 MB.

You can use HTML formatting when creating an email template. Just click the HTML button on the visual editor panel.

You can find the list of supported HTML tags and attributes in the article: List of supported HTML tags in emails.

How to save an outgoing email as a template

When composing an email, tick the Save as template checkbox in the bottom right corner of the slider panel. After you send this email, it will appear in the email template list.

How to use email templates

Follow these steps to create an email using a template:

  1. Open a CRM entity form and click Email.

  2. Click No template in the upper right corner and select a template.

  3. After that, the required information from the CRM entity is automatically appears in your email.

  4. Then you can add any other details to this email and send it.

How to edit or delete email templates

Go to the list of templates and select Edit email template or Delete email template in the action menu.

Alternatively, you can edit or delete the templates using group actions.

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