Manage emails with CRM

In Bitrix24, you can send email messages right from CRM. Message history is saved to the corresponding CRM entity form.

Efficiently handle emails in CRM: read, send, attach files. In addition, create an activity from an email so you will not forget to contact your client later.

Send email messages from CRM entity form

To send an email from CRM,

  1. Open the needed CRM entity form.

  2. Click Email in the timeline section.

  3. Enter the following details:

    • email subject
    • text of the email
  4. In case of necessity, specify the copy recipients and attach files to your email.

How to understand if the message was read or not

It's important to know not only that the recipient got your message but also read it. You can open an email in the timeline to view this information.

    Due to the high channel load, emails from Marketing and CRM, as well as regular emails, may be sent with a 30-40 minute delay.

    The size of both outgoing and incoming email attachments in CRM should not exceed 14.3 MB. Otherwise, an email will neither be sent nor received.

Use email templates

If you usually send similar emails to share company details or invite your clients to events, you can use email templates.

View incoming email messages in CRM entity form

If you enable the CRM integration option in your mailbox settings, incoming emails will appear in the corresponding CRM entity form.

All incoming messages can be found in the timeline of the CRM entity form. Each incoming email creates an activity, so you won't miss a message from a client.

Such an activity is highlighted in yellow. To complete it, check the box in its upper left corner or schedule a new activity right there.

    In Brief

  • In Bitrix24, you can send email messages right from CRM. Message history is saved to the corresponding CRM entity form.

  • In CRM, you can read and send emails, as well as attach files to them.

  • Use email templates if you often send similar emails to your clients.

  • All incoming email messages are shown in the CRM entity form timeline if you have the CRM integration option enabled.

  • Create an activity from an email to ensure you follow up with your client later.

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