Log in to Bitrix24 on your computer using QR code

In Bitrix24, you can use a QR code to authorize in a browser and the Bitrix24 Desktop app.

When scanning a QR code, you must be logged in to your Bitrix24 mobile app.

First of all, you should access the QR code on the login page on your computer.

In a browser
In the Desktop app

There are two ways to do that in a browser:

  • Go to and click Log in with QR code.

  • Go to, click Log in at the top right corner, and then click the QR code icon.

After that, you will be redirected to the page with a QR code.

Use the Bitrix24 Desktop app version 13 or higher to access this option.

Launch the Bitrix24 Desktop app and select QR login on the login page.

Specify your Bitrix24 account address in the special field. Then click Continue.

The QR code will appear in the pop-up window.

Then open the Bitrix24 mobile app and follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Menu.

  2. Select Open web version.

  3. Tap the Scan QR code button.

  4. Scan the QR code from the monitor screen.

Cannot scan the QR code

Make sure to give the Bitrix24 mobile app permissions to access your camera. Otherwise, the app displays a black screen in this section.

Note that some Android devices may not recognize QR codes correctly. If you cannot log in to the Bitrix24 mobile app, use a special app for scanning QR codes.

Done! Your Bitrix24 account will open in the browser.

If two-step authentication is enabled in your Bitrix24, you will need to enter a one-time code after scanning the QR code. Read more in the article - Secure your Bitrix24 account.
If there are no Google services on your mobile device, there may be some limitations in the Bitrix24 mobile app.

Settings in Bitrix24 On-Premise version

To enable the authentication with QR code option in Bitrix24 On-Premise version, you need to make some settings.

  1. Go to the Settings section > System settings.

  2. In the Module Settings, select Main module.

  3. Under the Authentication tab, put a tick for the Enable QR code authentication option.

To enable the QR code authentication option, it is necessary to update the modules and their dependencies to the following versions or higher:
  • main 21.800.0
  • pull 21.300.0
  • crm 21.1000.0
  • calendar 21.500.0
  • intranet 21.1000.0
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