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Invite and collaborate with Extranet users

External users are authorized users who have limited access to your Bitrix24 account. They can discuss questions with other employees in extranet workgroups or projects, work on files and documents, add tasks, etc.

Suppose you operate a web agency and are developing a website for a client. Consider inviting them as an external user. This way, they can stay informed about the project's progress.

Invite users to Extranet

Open the Invite widget in the upper right corner. Then click the small Invite button in the Extranet section.

Complete the following fields:

  • Invite to workgroup: specify an extranet workgroup/project to which you want to invite a user. If you create a new one, it will be automatically marked as Extranet.
  • Email or phone number.
  • First name.
  • Last name.

Click the Add more button to increase the number of extranet users you invite at once.

On your left, you can view details regarding the user limit for your plan and the number of users registered on your Bitrix24.

Note that you can invite an extranet user only to an extranet workgroup/project. Therefore, you need to:
  1. Go to About workgroup.
  2. Click Actions in the upper right corner and select Edit Workgroup.
  3. Then click Extended parameters to expand this section.
  4. Under External Users, enable the Allow access for external users option.

A user will get an invitation to the specified phone number or email address. After they accept it, they will be added to your account.

Invite users to Extranet from a workgroup or project

You can also quickly invite users after creating an extranet workgroup/project. Open the About workgroup menu and select Members.

Any member can invite users to the workgroup/project if it is allowed.

On the opened page, click Invite.

Then click Add Employee and select the desired extranet user from the list. This user will get a notification inviting them to the workgroup inside the account.

If the desired extranet user is not in Bitrix24, you can invite him/her in the following way:

  1. Click Invite employee or external user.

  2. Then open the Invite extranet user tab.

  3. Proceed with completing the required fields described above.

Transfer an extranet user to an intranet employee

To transfer an extranet user to Intranet,

  1. Open the user's profile.

  2. Click on Extranet.

  3. Select Transfer to intranet in the actions menu.

Transfer an internal employee to an extranet user

There is currently no way to transfer an intranet user to the Extranet directly. But you can dismiss an intranet user from the account and invite them as an extranet user with a different email address.

Want to keep the old email address for authorization

In this case, the user needs to go to their Bitrix24.Network and change the e-mail there. Then you can re-invite them to your account using the old email.
Bitrix24 Network profile

For more information, refer to the article - Work with dismissed employees in Extranet.
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