Disable automation rules and workflow actions

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Now you can deactivate automation rules. They will stop performing actions, but will remain in the action chain.

How it works

Go to the CRM section and click on the automation rules button.

Select an automation rule on the Sales automation page, click Actions and select the Disable option.

Edit mode will automatically open. Here you can disable several automation rules at once.

If you need to enable the automation rule, select the option in the Actions menu.

Disable several automation rules

To disable several automation rules, click Group actions below the automation rule form, select automation rules you want to disable and select the action on the top panel.

Disable action in the Workflow

To do this, select an action in the workflow and click settings sign ⚙️.

In the top right corner, click on the action menu and select Disable option. Don't forget to save changes.

The disabled action will turn gray. When you finish the configuration, click Save.

If you disable the main action, the sequential actions will also be disabled.

You can enable the action in the same way.

    In Brief

  • Now there is no need to remove automation rules. You can disable just them.

  • Use group actions to disable several automation rules at once.

  • If you disable an action in the workflow, all related actions will also be disabled.

  • Actions in workflows and automation rules can be enabled at any time.

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