Create a task for an external user

Work in tasks with partners and clients, even if they are not users of your account. In Bitrix24, such partners and clients are called external users.

Open your profile page and click on Security in the top right corner.

Click on the Forwarding addresses tab. Cope address in the To create tasks field and send it to an external user.

    Email is unique for each Bitrix24 employee. It is used only for creating tasks.

The external user should send a letter to the specified e-mail. Files up to 14Mb in size can be attached to the e-mail.

When the email is sent, the task will appear in Bitrix24. By default, the employee from whose profile the link was copied will be a "created by" and a responsible person in the task. The roles of users can be changed.

An external user can also publish a post in Bitrix24 account Feed. Read more information in the article: How an external user can add a post to the Bitrix24 account feed.

    These are additional settings for those who have Bitrix24 hosted on their own domain:

    To allow external users to add tasks via email, contact the domain administrator. He/she should specify the MX record of Bitrix24 mail

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