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Record a video call

Video calls can only be recorded using the Bitrix24 desktop app.
Download the Bitrix24 desktop app for Windows, Mac, or Linux

How to record a video call

To start recording a call in the Bitrix24 desktop app, click the Record button. This lets you capture sound, video of the active window, and screen sharing.

A timer at the top shows how long you have been recording. To stop the recording, click the white square icon next to it or the Record button again.

The video saves on your computer and automatically syncs with your Bitrix24 personal drive. You can then share it in the call chat.

If Bitrix24 Drive is not synced with your computer, the app will prompt you to sync your Drive first before sharing the recording.
Synchronize Bitrix24 Drive with your computer via desktop app

The video file appears in the chat. You can download it, save it to your drive, or watch it directly in the chat.

Recording pauses if you switch to text chat during a video call. It is done for privacy purposes.

Where the recordings are saved

Bitrix24 stores recorded calls in the My Drive section in the Recorded video calls folder.

On your computer, recordings are stored in the following folders:

  • Windows: Videos > Recorded video calls
  • Mac: Movies > Recorded video calls

Files are saved in this format: Chat name (or the employee's name) - Call {number} - {date of call}.webm. If there were several recordings during one call session, the file name is followed by the record number in brackets after the date.

Call recording features

  • Call recording is available only in the Bitrix24 desktop app for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • On the free plan, you can record only the first 100 successful calls that last longer than 30 seconds. On commercial plans, there are no limits.

  • Only one person can record a call.

  • If you close the app while recording a call, it stops. The app will suggest syncing and sharing the recording when you reopen it.

  • In one-to-one calls that turn into group calls, the recording stops, and a new recording starts. The first goes to the one-to-one chat, and the next to the group chat.

  • You can't record text chats.

  • If you share your screen during the call, it gets recorded. If something covers the window, this screen part will be recorded.

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