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Twilio integration


Bitrix24 & Twilio integration is now available. Send sms messages to your clients directly form your Bitrix24 CRM! You can configure your Twilio account & Bitrix24 CRM integration at CRM > Settings > Integration page. Here is how:

Create A New Twilio Account

  First, you need to create a new account at (in case you don't have one already):

  • Fill the Sign up form:
  • Verify your phone number (if needed):
  • You will be redirected to Twilio console, where you can get a new twilio phone number:
  • You will see your new twilio phone number in a pop-up window: 
  • Go to Programmable SMS > Settings > Geo Permissions and select locations you're going to send sms to:
  • Navigate to twilio Console Dashboard and copy your ACCOUNT SID & AUTH TOKEN:

Configure Bitrix24 CRM & Twilio Integration

Go to your Bitrix24 account > CRM > Settings > Integration > Twilio:

  • At Configure Twilio Parameters page enter your Twilio SID & Token:
  • After the integration has been successfully established you can start sending sms messages right form your Bitrix24 CRM:

Send SMS From Bitrix24

To send messages from Bitrix24, open client's profile & go to SMS section, enter messages text & click Send:

Please note that in case you use Twilio demo version you can send sms to verified numbers only. You can verify numbers here.

In case you have several Twilio numbers connected to Bitrix24 CRM, you will be able to choose the number from which sms will be sent. 

How To Reset Twilio Integration
You can reset Twilio integration at any time from Settings > Integration > SMS Notifications via

Click on Settings icon & select Reset Settings:

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