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Add Open channels website widget to Bitrix24.Sites website

You can connect widgets to your website to collect feedback, contact information and get in touch with your customers in no time. What is more, if you also connect a CRM web form to a widget, leads or contacts will be added to your CRM automatically.

How to add a new widget

One of your Bitrix24 widgets is already added to your new website by default. If you want to add more widgets, you can create a new widget in less than five minutes :)

Open Sites>click Actions>Configure site.

Choose the widget you want to add in Website widget section or click Edit settings to create a new one.

If you click Edit settings button, you get to Widgets page. Here you can create a new widget. Then go back to Website Settings to add this widget to your website.

You can read more about creating widgets in the article Website widget: chat, web form and callback.

Done! Create websites and quickly connect with your customers using website widgets.

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