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Work with regular customers without creating repeat leads


Repeat leads

Repeat leads is a good instrument if you have regular customers. When such a customer comes back to make another purchase, Bitrix24 creates a new lead with a link to the customer's contact automatically. This lead will be marked as "repeat".

Read more in the article Repeat leads.

How to work with regular customers without creating repeat leads

Sometimes you need to save the communication history of a customer without creating a new lead.

Just convert the lead into a contact to do that. Then disable the repeat sales mode in CRM settings (CRM > Settings > Other > Other settings).

Learn more in the article Convert leads.

Now the communication history will be saved to the customers' contact forms.

Exceptions list

If you don't want to collect certain contact's calls or emails in CRM, just add this contact to the exceptions list.
Contact added to the exceptions list won't be blocked. Messages or calls assigned with this lead will be saved to your email and telephony statistics.
You can find more information in the article Exceptions list.
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