Transfer employees to Extranet

You can move employees from Intranet to Extranet.

For example, your employee quitted the job but continues to work with your company on some projects. The easiest way to organize such work is to move this employee to Extranet.

How to move employees to Extranet

  1. Dismiss the employee.

  2. Invite this employee as an external user, but using his other email address (not the one that was used for the original Bitrix24 profile).

  3. The dismissed employee logs in as the Extranet user with the other email address.

Note that you can invite extranet user only to extranet workgroup (project).

Want to use my old email address in Extranet!

If it's necessary to use the employee's old email address for logging in as extranet user, this employee needs to log into his Bitrix24.Network account and change his email address there. It doesn't matter if it's done before dismissing the employee or after.

Then you can send the invitation to his old email address.

For example, the employee used t**** as Bitrix24 login. Then he was dismissed from your Bitrix24, but needs to use the same email address as a login to Extranet. To do that, he needs to have another active email address, for example, t****

  1. The dismissed employee needs to log into his Bitrix24.Network profile, click Change next to the E-mail field and enter his second email address (t**** instead of t****
    Important! The temporary email address (second email address) needs to be active as the confirmation of changing email address is sent to this email address. Read more about changing the email address in the article.
  2. Bitrix24 administrator needs to find the dismissed employee profile (Company > Employees > Dismissed) and edit Contact e-mail. Otherwise, the system won't be able to send an invitation email to the email address already existing in Bitrix24.
  3. Now Bitrix24 administrator can send an invitation to Extranet to the employee's old email address.

If the invitation to Extranet has already been sent to the dismissed employee's another email address (for example, and the employee wants to use his old email address to log into Extranet, one more temporary email address is needed (for example,

The similar way, employee's Bitrix24.Network profile email address is getting changed first (t**** to Then the external user needs to change the email address in Bitrix24.Network profile used for Extranet ( to t****

Don't forget to change the Contact e-mail in the employee's Bitrix24 profile.

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