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Invite Bitrix24 Partner


There are lots of tools and features in Bitrix24, so it's sometimes hard to figure out how to configure your Bitrix24. In these cases, you can invite certified Bitrix24 Partners to your Bitrix24 Account. Inviting Bitrix24 Partner is a safe and easy way to have someone implement Bitrix24 for you while you can concentrate on your business.

How it works

  1. You request Bitrix24 implementation in the Bitrix24 Partners section. You can contact your local partner directly or send a request to
  2. You discuss all the details with Bitrix24 Partner, sign contract and Partner gives you an email address you need to send the invitation to.
  3. Then you invite Bitrix24 Partner to your Bitrix24 Account.
  4. We check that the entered email address belongs to Bitrix24 Partner. Only after that, this Partner can start working on your Bitrix24 Account.

You can also grant Bitrix24 Partner access permissions to an existing user of your Bitrix24. In this case, we also check if this user is a registered and certified Bitrix24 Partner.

Features of Bitrix24 Partner as a user of your Bitrix24 Account:
  • Has administrative rights.
  • Cannot give administrative rights to other users, cannot dismiss other administrators or edit their profiles.
  • Is not counted as a business tools user or account administrator.
  • Can invite new users or dismiss users of your Bitrix24. Also, can assign Bitrix24 Partner access permissions to other users of your Bitrix24.
  • There can be only three active Bitrix24 Partner account users on your Account at the same time, but they need to belong to the same Bitrix24 Partner account.
  • The system won't let you invite Bitrix24 Partner account users belonging to different Bitrix24 Partner accounts (companies).
  • When you invite the fourth Bitrix24 Partner account user to your Account, the system will ask you which partner account user you want to dismiss and then will add a new partner account user to your Bitrix24 Account.
  • If a user has been dismissed, you can hire him/her back and grant Bitrix24 Partner access permissions.

There is a special mark Partner next to Bitrix24 Partner in the Employees list.

How to dismiss Bitrix24 Partner

When Bitrix24 Partner finished his job, you can dismiss him in the usual way.

If you need help again, you can invite this Partner back the same way.

Presently you can only invite Bitrix partner with Gold partner status.
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