Task reminders

If you have too many tasks, it becomes hard to remember about all of them. In Bitrix24, you can set task reminders and be sure that you won't forget about tasks.

How it works

When creating a task, click More > Add reminder.

Then select the reminder type:

  • remind using date - specify the date and time of reminder.
  • remind using deadline - specify days or hours before a deadline. This option can be used if this task has a deadline.

Select a person who will get a reminder and how will he/she get a reminder: by instant message or by email message.

User will get a reminder by email message only if the user's email address is specified in the user's profile.

Click Add and add a task.

You can add an unlimited number of reminders.

You can also add reminders to already created tasks by clicking Remind.

The user will get a notification (or an email) in the specified time reminding about the task.

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