CRM History

Click CRM > History to view the history of changes in CRM.

How it works

In the History section, you can view who and when accessed, changed or deleted CRM entry.

Records in CRM history contain:

  • exact date and time
  • entity (lead, deal, contact, etc.)
  • user
  • event type and description

Also, you can use filters. For example, you need to see only leads that were deleted this month:

You can delete a record, but it won't cancel the changes.

CRM History option is available to Start+, CRM+, Standard and Professional plans subscribers only.

Learn more about plans and pricing - Bitrix24 Plans and Pricing.

Which CRM history records will a user see

A user will see only those records that he has access to in the CRM access permissions.

If a user has the "manager" role in the CRM access permissions, he/she won't see the changes performed with other CRM records not belonging to him/her.

Read more in the article - Access Permissions in CRM.
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