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Add your website to Bing

To let your potential customers know about your company, submit your website or online store to Bing by using Bing Webmaster.

Here are some features of Bing Webmaster:

  • Crawling and indexing your website
  • Website statistics
  • Crawl issues report
  • Robots.txt and sitemap.xml validator
  • Keyword search tool
  • SEO reports
  • Malware and phishing re-evaluation
  • And many more useful tools

You need to have a Microsoft Account to work with Bing Webmaster.

How to use Bing Webmaster

Click Sign in and sign in to your Microsoft Account.

Enter your website address and click Add.

Then you need to verify that you are the owner of the website. Let's select the second option - copy and paste a <meta>  tag in your default webpage.

Copy this meta tag.

Open Page preferences of the homepage of your website > click More > Custom HTML and CSS and paste this meta tag. Don't forget to enable Add to search engine index option.

Save settings and Publish the website.

You can make sure that this meta tag has been added to the page code. Just open the homepage of the website > view code in Developer Tools > find this meta tag.

In Bing Webmaster, click Verify.

Now Bing Webmaster tools are at your disposal, and your website is submitted to the Bing search engine.

Yahoo is part of the Bing Network. It means you only have to submit your site to Bing and deal with the Bing webmaster tools. Your website will be added to both search engines: Bing and Yahoo.
Use robots.txt file to define which pages of your website should be indexed by search engines and which not.

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