Repeat leads

Working with repeat sales in Bitrix24 is easy! CRM recognizes the customer, creates a new lead with a repeat mark and adds all the necessary information to it automatically.

How it works

Suppose you have a new customer. The managers process the lead and create a new deal and contact. The deal is successfully closed, and the customer is happy with the purchase.

After a while, the customer wants to buy something else and contacts you again. Bitrix24 determines it as a repeat sale and creates a new lead with a link to the existing contact.

Thus, a message or a call from a previously completed lead will create a new lead, but marked as repeat. This way, you can make exciting offers to the customer and thank them for their loyalty.

You can apply special conditions to repeat leads when using automation rules. For example, send SMS to a client if it's a repeat sale.

Also, you can use the filter to view repeat leads only.

Repeat leads can be converted to deals only.

A repeat lead will not be created if the active lead or deal is connected with the contact. A new message or call will be added to the current element.

Repeat leads are created for all completed leads. It doesn't matter whether a lead has been completed successfully or it's a junk lead. You can add a specific lead to the Exceptions list, and repeat leads won't be created for this lead.

Bitrix24 creates repeat leads by default. You can go to CRM > Settings > CRM Settings > Other > Other settings and disable this option.

Repeat leads work on all communication channels - calls, emails, CRM forms and open channels.

If you use Simple CRM mode (without leads), repeat deals will be created instead of repeat leads.

Read more about CRM modes in the article - CRM modes (simple and classic).

How to add a repeat lead manually

To add a repeat lead manually, select an existing contact when adding a new lead.

Last name, Name fields and other fields containing the lead's contact information will be hidden as all this information is displayed in the Client field.

You can use Sales Boost to increase sales to existing customers.
Sometimes, you need to save the communication history of a customer without creating a new lead. Read more about how to do that in the article - Work with regular customers without creating repeat leads.
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