Sales center: add a new page

There are several standard chat enabled sales pages available by default - for example, About company, Contacts, etc.

You can add your own chat enabled sales webpages created with Bitrix24 Sites or with any other website builder.

Bitrix24 Sites webpages

For example, you are planning an event and want your clients to learn about it. To promote the event, you've created a webpage with Bitrix24 Sites.

Click Sales center > Chat enabled sales > Chat enabled sales pages > Add a new page > Bitrix24 Sites page.

Select a website and a webpage.

Now you can send this page to a client in a chat.

Custom URL webpages

You can add a new chat enabled webpage created with any website builder. Click Sales Center > Chat enabled sales pages > Add a new page > Custom URL.

Specify the Page URL and the Page name.

Done! You can send this page to a client.

You can also add a new page when having a conversation with a client. Just click the Chat enabled sales button in the chat window > add a page.
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