Disable time management and work reports

Worktime tracking option is available to Bitrix24 Professional plan subscribers only. Learn more about Bitrix24 plans - Cloud pricing.

An administrator can disable the time management option for the whole Bitrix24 account or for a particular employee/department only.

How to disable the time management option for all the account users

Click Settings > scroll down to the Services section > disable the Time management and work reports option > click Save.

Please note that if you apply this option, you'll get both Work Time & Work Reports options switched off.

How to disable the time management option for a particular user or department

Click Time and Reports > Worktime > select an employee or department > click the clock button next to the employee/department name.

Select off in the Working time management section > select don't show report form in the Daily report section > click Save.

When configuring working time management for a particular employee, you can select the inherit department settings option. In this case, working time management settings for this employee will be the same as for the department the employee belongs to.
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