My reports: Deals

In this article, we will have a look at deals reports.

How it works

Click CRM Analytics > My reports > Deals.

When you open this report for the first time, you're shown the demo data. You can close the demo view to see the actual report for your deals.

You can switch between deal pipelines by clicking the button in the top right corner. Also, you can use filters to change the reporting period.

Sales funnel

Sales funnel for deals shows how many deals went through all the stages within the selected reporting period. You can analyze the effectiveness of your sales process and see on which stage you lose money.

You can select a pipeline and reporting period for the sales funnel by clicking the cogwheel button.

Total value of deals

What's the most important value when you analyze the sales process? Of course, it's the income.

The next report consists of three parts. The first shows the total value of deals, the second - the total value of won deals, the third - the total value of deals in progress (the difference between the first and the second values).

You can select the reporting period for this report and configure the report by clicking the cogwheel button.

Payment control for deals won

Closing the deal is half the work - you need to get money form a client. This report shows you if you have any deals that are not invoiced.

Deals in progress

You can easily evaluate the managers' workload by using the Deals in progress report. In this report, you can see the number of deals in progress for each manager, the number of calls he/she has made, and the number of activities.

Number of deals on hold

When you have lots of deals, you may forget about some of them. Deal on hold is a "forgotten" deal that nobody has worked on within the selected reporting period. You can click the number of such deals to open the list of deals on hold.

Groups of stages

All deals in the report are grouped not by a separate stage, but by special groups:

  • Deals in progress - all deals that are not on the final stages.
  • Deals won - deals that have been closed successfully.
  • Deals lost - deals that have been closed, but not successfully.
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