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My reports: Invoices

Invoices report can help to measure sales managers' work efficiency, track paid and pending invoices ratio, visualize the company's debts and payments, etc.

Click CRM Analytics > My reports > Invoices.

Use filters to change the reporting period. Click the Add report button to add a new report.

Invoice funnel

This widget shows invoices distribution by statuses within the selected reporting period.

Total amount of invoices

  • Active invoices - invoices that your sales team has been working with during the reporting period;
  • Paid invoices - invoices that have been paid within the reporting period;
  • Pending invoices - the difference between the total amount of active and paid invoices.

Debts and payments

The diagram shows the invoices statuses dynamics within the reporting period.

Invoices paid leaderboard

Here you can see your rank and the total amount of paid invoices within the reporting period. Also, you can see two closest to your rank users ("competitors").

Employees' invoice handling efficiency

This report is the same as Debts and payments but the data is shown for each employee.

Won deal payment control

The report shows the amount of won & invoiced deals and the amount of won but not invoiced deals for each employee.

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