Public chats

A public chat is a chat that is open to all of your colleagues.

A public chat is the best choice if you need to discuss topics that everybody in your company is interested in.

To create a new public chat, click the Create chat button > select Public chat as a type of this chat.

Specify the chat name and send your first message to the chat. Your initial message is crucial to spark other's interest in your new chat.

Unlike the General chat, a user needs to be invited to the public chat or to use the search option and find this chat.

To join the public chat, click the search bar and select the needed chat in the Public chats section:

Click Join.

You can disable chat notifications by clicking the corresponding button.

To open the Message history, click the corresponding button.

You can quit the public chat by right-clicking the chat name in the list > Quit chat.

If the chat owner (creator) quits the chat, the new owner will be assigned randomly.
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