Bitrix24 Messenger Overview

Web Messenger allows the users of the Bitrix24 account to stay connected, communicate with colleagues, and get informed of the new events right in the browser window.

  • Web Messenger at its core is almost the same as any other similar service or application: the users communicate by exchanging instant messages;
  • the contact list reflects the company structure and indicates the contact status (online/offline);
  • the notification center shows the information on the new events;
  • a user gets notified of new messages anywhere inside the account, on any page;
  • messages can be sent to offline users for later delivery;
  • messaging history is saved on the server-side and can be accessed and viewed by the users anytime, anywhere.

The mini-panel

The mini-panel is located on the right side of your account page and contains main messenger indicators:


1 – brings up the Help section where you can find the information for the independent study of Bitrix24.

2 – brings up the Notifications center section that shows you notifications about new messages, new tasks, invitations to workgroups/projects, new "likes" to your posts and comments, etc.

3 – brings up the Open channels chats.

4 – brings up the Messages section with the Search option.

5 – brings up a corresponding personal or workgroup chat with your colleagues.

6 – brings up a slider where you can download Bitrix24 Mobile app.

7 – brings up the Dialpad (the icon is active if you have connected Telephony in Bitrix24).

Bitrix24 Messenger interface

Bitrix24 Messenger has three main parts: another mini-panel on the left, a list of conversations and the dialog box.

This mini-panel consists of different control buttons and counters:

  • Messages: the counter shows the number of new messages. If you've switched to the other section (for example, notifications), click this button to get back to the previous chat;
  • Open Channels: the counter shows the number of new Open Channel inquiries;
  • Notifications: shows the number of unread notifications. Click this button to get to the Notifications center;
  • Dialpad: allows you to dial a phone number;
  • Settings: click this button to configure chat settings;
  • Feed: the counter shows the number of new Feed messages. Click this button to get to the Feed;

In the Conversations list you can:

  • 1 – use the Search field to find a chat with your colleague or click the Create button to create a new one.
  • 2 – view the list of conversations.
  • 3 – click on your current status to change it.

The Dialog box shows:

  • 4 – general chat information and settings: chat icon, name, notification management, video call button, invitation button and message history tab.
  • 5 – dialog box.
  • 6 – text entry field with visual editor.

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