Bitrix24 Messenger Overview

Web Messenger allows the users of the Bitrix24 account to stay connected, communicate with colleagues, and get informed of the new events right in the browser window.

  • Web Messenger at its core is almost the same as any other similar service or application: the users communicate by exchanging instant messages;
  • the contact list reflects the company structure and indicates the contact status (online/offline);
  • the notification center shows the information on the new events;
  • a user gets notified of new messages anywhere inside the account, on any page;
  • messages can be sent to offline users for later delivery;
  • messaging history is saved on the server-side and can be accessed and viewed by the users anytime, anywhere.

All unread notifications and messages can be sent to the user's email address if so configured in notification settings. For example, if for some reason you are not logged in but there is a new task notification or an instant message in your messenger, you will be notified by email.

Email notifications are disabled by default, you need to enable them manually. Read more in the article - Receive email notifications.

You can also download the Bitrix24 Desktop app for macOS and Windows.

Read more in the article - The new all-in-one Desktop app.

The mini-panel

The mini-panel is located on the right side of your account page and contains main messenger indicators:

Click the button in the mini-panel and you'll be taken to the corresponding chat. For example, let's click the personal chat button.

Read more in the article - Send chat messages.

Bitrix24 Messenger interface

There is another mini-panel on the left:

1. Messages - the counter shows the number of new messages. If you've switched to the other section (for example, notifications), click this button to get back to the previous chat.

2. Open Channels - the counter shows the number of new Open Channel inquiries.

3. Notifications - shows the number of unread notifications. Click this button to get to the Notifications center.

4. Dialpad - allows you to dial a phone number.

5. Settings - click this button to configure chat settings.

6. Activity Stream - the counter shows the number of new Activity Stream messages. Click this button to get to the Activity Stream.

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