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Log in to Bitrix24 Desktop application

The desktop application allows you to work with Bitrix24 tools and communicate with colleagues in a separate chat window. There are several ways to authorize in the desktop.

Read more information in the article: All-in-one Desktop app.

Login window

When you run the desktop application for the first time, the login page automatically opens. The system will prompt you to enter your login information in the fields.

  • Bitrix24 address is the account address, for example If you do not know the address of your Bitrix24, you can ask the administrator.

  • Phone or email - enter the phone number or email address that you specified when registering the account. Login is often the contact email address, but there are cases when these data are different. For example, the login in the Bitrix24 On-Premise version is a username. If you do not remember your username, please contact your Bitrix24 administrator.

  • Password - enter the password for your account.

Fill in the fields and click the Log in button.

Authorization via Bitrix24.Network profile

You can sign in to your Bitrix24 Network profile account using the Sign in using login and password option to access any of your multiple Bitrix24 accounts and open it in the desktop application.

Note that Bitrix24 account and Bitrix24 Network profile are not the same thing.

Bitrix24 account is a service with a set of tools for company work.Bitrix24 Network profile is a user profile that displays all the accounts where the user is registered.

Read more information in the article: What is the difference between Bitrix24 account and Bitrix24 Network profile.

QR code authorization

For this method, you should be logged in to the Bitrix24 mobile app.

Click the Login by QR code button and enter your Bitrix24 address. The Bitrix24 Network profile page will be opened. You need to scan the QR code with your smartphone.

Read more information in the article: Log in with QR code.

If necessary, you can work with several Bitrix24 accounts at once in the desktop application. Add the desired accounts, switch between them, receive messages and notifications.

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