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When placing calls using Bitrix24, company employees can use customary SIP phones. The use of such phones speeds up the work of telephony in this service. It is necessary to set up these devices for work with Bitrix24 in order to take advantage of the service.

Click Telephony > Connection > Connect phone to read more about configuration:

Go to Telephony > Connection > Configure telephony > Telephony users > select a user > click the actions menu button > Configure. Select Connected option in the SIP Phone section to see the server address, login, and password. These data must be indicated in the SIP phone's web interface or on the phone's screen. After that, the phone is registered with telephony servers and is ready for work.

As an alternative to SIP phones, you can use a common landline DECT phone connected to a SIP gateway that converts the signal to SIP format.

A mobile phone is another option for those always on the go. Use your Windows Phone, iOS or Android-based mobile by installing any softphone application on it.

Please refer to the article "What SIP Phones can I use with Bitrix24?" for the list of verified devices and connection instructions.

There is no need for employees to be online, but in this case, call card will not be available to them.

Important: Support of softphones is in beta mode, steady operation is guaranteed only with SIP phones.

You can find examples of telephone settings hereExample of softphone set up here.

Using Your Telephony

Making a call from Bitrix24 CRM

Don't waste your precious time pushing buttons. Just click Call in CRM and, hearing your phone chiming, pick it up. The phone will momentarily start dialing the callee. With your computer still showing the call window, you can always see the client profile or view the detailed information.

You can always do it old school if you want: dial the number on the phone and see the computer screen showing the call window as if you initiated the call from CRM.

Receiving a call

An incoming call reaches your browser (or the desktop application) and the phone simultaneously. You can answer on either device; the conversation will be recorded irrespective of the way you answered.

When you are conversing via the phone, all the call control buttons (Hold, Mute, call forwarding) are available in the messenger (or desktop app) window.

Notice that if your desktop phone is connected, all the outgoing calls are to be made through it. You can disconnect your phone while you are away to make calls from your browser or desktop application.

If you use SIP phones, you need to know that call cannot be forwarded to more than 10 phones at the same time.
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