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SIP Phone setup

Connect SIP phones to your Bitrix24 to call customers and receive incoming calls.

Use familiar scenarios: a manager can answer a phone call and see the client's form with basic information on the computer.

How to connect a SIP phone

Go to the Telephony users page > select the user and connect the SIP phone for this person. Here you can find the data for phone configuration: server address, login and password.

After saving the entered values, your device is immediately ready to work with Bitrix24.

Connect any compatible SIP phone or, as an alternative to it, use a common landline DECT phone connected to a SIP gateway that converts the signal to SIP format.

Also, you can connect a softphone app, like Zoiper, to both your computer and mobile device.

Find the additional information regarding SIP phone connection in these articles:

SIP phone use cases

SIP phones can be used for incoming or outgoing calls, with or without a computer.

Incoming call

An incoming call comes both to the browser (Bitrix24 Desktop app) and to the phone. You can answer on any device. The recording of the call and all other call options will be saved, regardless of which device was used to answer.

When talking on the phone, all call control buttons (wait, mute, redirect) are available in the active call form.

Read more in the article - Active call form.

Outgoing call to a customer from Bitrix24 CRM

No need to waste time dialing the number on the phone – just click the call icon in the CRM, and your phone will receive a call. As soon as you pick up the phone, the call to the customer will start. The call window remains on your computer screen, where you can get all the basic information about the client, as well as go to a detailed form.

The customer number can also be dialed manually on the phone. In this case, the computer screen will also start the call with the customer details.

Please note that if you have connected a SIP phone, all outgoing calls will be made through it. If you are away from your workplace, for example, on a business trip, you can temporarily disable outgoing calls from the phone and continue to work with calls from your browser or the Bitrix24 Desktop app. Read more in the article - Route an outgoing call from the phone to the browser.
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