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Wiki overview

The wiki format for storing information has more than proved itself in the single most-used repository of human knowledge ever created, Wikipedia. In business, wikis function in two main ways: as a knowledge base and as a collaboration area. Although wikis are no longer at the cutting edge of office software, they are still a very useful tool, as they bring high-level functionality without any technical knowledge needed.

In Bitrix24, each workgroup has a wiki. Thus, to create a knowledge base that is accessible to everyone, use the wiki in a public group. You can use the roles in groups if for any reason you want to provide only read access rights to certain users.

WiKi Terminology

  • An internal link is a hyperlink that is a reference or navigation element in a document to another section of the same document or to another document that may be on or part of the same website. Such links are commonly shown in blue color.
  • red link signifies a link to a page that does not exist in Wiki.
  • An external link is a hyperlink to web pages outside this Wiki.
  • Wiki markup (wiki text language) aids to quickly outline structural elements and hyperlinks in a wiki page.
  • category unifies semantically analogous wiki pages. Each page can be bound to multiple categories. Nested categories are possible.
  • Tags are used to mark wiki pages for quick navigation.
  • Version is a saved entry in the wiki page history.
  • Current version is the most recent version of a wiki page visible to the users.

Create Wiki

When user opens a workgroup Wiki section for the first time, he or she will see nothing but a welcome page. To create a first wiki page, click Create on the toolbar. This will create a new page and open it in the simplified visual editor.

The simplified visual editor has some special Wiki oriented commands unavailable elsewhere in the system.

  •  Add Title: creates a heading of the selected level (1 through 6).
  •  Add Internal Hyperlink: creates a hyperlink to a wiki page that is yet to be created (that is, a red link). The hyperlink text and the wiki page name can be different.
    Note: the Link field should contain the wiki page title rather than the web page URL.
  • Specify category: attributes a category to a wiki page being edited. You can select an existing category, or create a new one. A wiki page can specify multiple categories.
  •  Your Signature and Time Stamp: inserts the author’s registered name and the current date and time.
  •  Ignore Wiki Formatting: renders the text in this block as is; useful for adding programming code.

Once you have finished typing the wiki page text, click Publish.

Creating a red-linked wiki page

To create a new wiki page to which a red link refers, just click this link.

Note. If you create a new page of a certain title by clicking the Create button, and there are wiki pages containing the red links to such a title, these links will be resolved automatically.

Edit Wiki & Version History

To edit a wiki page, just click the Edit button. The current page will be opened for editing in the simplified visual editor.
Changing the wiki page title affects the wiki page URL. Consequently, all the existing working hyperlinks to such a page in other wiki pages will become red links.
Version history

To view the current page versions, click the History button.

To compare any two previous versions of a wiki page, select them and click Compare Selected Versions.

The page comparison shows in red the text missing in an older version, and in green the text added to a newer version of the page.To revert the wiki page text to a version currently being viewed, click the link Restore to Current.

Categories and tags

Categories were introduced as one of the ways to classify the wiki pages.

Categories can be created in the wiki page editor by clicking Specify Category. The wiki engine shows the wiki page categories after the wiki page text body. The Categories link itself is always visible even if a page is not attributed to any category. This link opens a list of available categories.

Each category has a corresponding wiki page. If no such page exists, it is shown as a red link, just like other non-existing wiki pages. To create a wiki page for such category, click the red link and then click the create it now link in the page text (rather than the Create button on the context toolbar).

To specify a parent category for a current one, click  Specify category in the category page editor.

Unlinking a category

Unlike many can think when they first see the categories editor, the categories page specify the parent categories of a certain category rather than children entities.

If the category hierarchy is incorrect or just needs adjustment, you have to unlink the categories and then define new dependencies.

To remove a parent category binding, open the categories page for editing and delete the text [[Category:_category_name_]]:


Tags are used to search wiki pages using the conventional search functions.

You can add tags to a wiki page in the page editor. For reference purposes, the tag selector shows the count of existing wiki pages that are marked with a certain tag.

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