Workgroup tasks

Tasks are available for all workgroups in Bitrix24, including Extranet workgroups. Group owner can configure tasks form workgroup settings:
  • switch on\off Tasks module for the group from Actions > Edit Workgroup > Features
  • configure access to tasks from Actions > Access Permissions

Here you can configure who can view, create, edit tasks, etc.:

You can work with tasks inside workgroup the same way as you work with tasks from Tasks section of Bitrix24. Each task you create inside a particular workgroup will be automatically bound to this workgroup: Even the task is in the workgroup, you can add user who is not a member of the group as responsible user, participant or observer. In case if workgroup is configured as not visible to other users, you still will be able to add users who not members of the group to the task, but they won't be able to access the group, these users will see the task only. 

Besides that, you can add email recipients to the task as well.

Each group has own Tasks section with several view options:
Each of this view types will show tasks within one group. To filter workgroup tasks use Tasks Filter & Search.

Often, when you work on projects, tasks time tracking can come in handy. You can use Task Reports to configure task report for a particular workgroup. 
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