Discounts and Special Offers

Non-profit, Educational, Healthcare Discounts

Bitrix24 Cloud subscriptions with 12-month plans and all On-Premise editions (including upgrade and renewal options) are offered with a 15% discount for the following organizations:

  • Non-profits

  • Academic institutions (including schools, colleges, universities, research labs, think tanks, etc.)

  • Civil and political groups and unions (including sports unions and associations, LGBTQ advocates, political parties, labor organizations, trade unions, etc.)

  • Faith-based organizations (including churches and charities, etc.)

  • Healthcare industry (including hospitals, labs, veterinary services, private practitioners, etc.)

  • Government agencies (municipal, county, state or federal).

If your company or organization falls under one or several categories above, please fill out a brief form to claim your 15% discount coupon. 

Seasonal Discounts 

We also offer seasonal discounts for a wider audience throughout the year. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on discount campaigns and special offers.

Please note that if you purchased your commercial subscription with a discount, the discount may be applicable for the first billing cycle only, and your subsequent subscription renewals will be charged at a full price. 

Bulk pricing

Bulk pricing is available for selected On-Premise editions. For more information, please get in touch with

Non-profit and seasonal discounts cannot be combined.
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