Communication in Bitrix24 mobile app

Communicate with your colleagues and customers in Bitrix24 chats in the mobile app.

Discuss work issues, use open channels and create new chats in the mobile app as easily as in the browser version or the desktop app.

How to work with chats

To create a private/public chat, click the + icon. Select the type of chat, invite employees to it and specify the name.

In the list of chats, there is an option to Pin/Unpin the chat, view the Profile, Hide the conversation as well as mark messages as Unread.

To do this, swipe the desired chat from left to right (for iOS) or hold it (for Android).


In group chats, you can enable/disable notifications.

Invite an employee or an entire department to the group chats.

If you are a chat room creator, you have the option to add a new owner or remove users from the chat room.

Open the chat top menu and click Members. Select the desired employee and swipe it from right to left.

For convenience, the top menu has separate tabs for Chats, Open Channels, and Notifications.

In chats, you can make video calls, either one-on-one with a colleague or with the entire department at once.

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