Use of company details

You can add data about your company in the My Details section to avoid filling in this information every time you create a document.

Read more information in the article: Add company details.

Add company details field to an invoice or a quote

To add your company details field to an invoice or a quote, click Select field > Select from another section.

Сheck the Your company details box and click Select to save your changes.

Done. The company details will be immediately displayed in the entity form.

Add company details to a document

The code for your company details is already embedded in standard documents. You don't need to do anything additionally, just create a document.

If you are creating your own document template, use the following codes to display your company details:

  • Your company name — {MyCompanyRequisiteRqCompanyName}.
  • TIN — {MyCompanyRequisiteRqInn}.
  • Tax Registration Reason Code — {MyCompanyRequisiteRqKpp}.
  • BIN — {MyCompanyRequisiteRqOgrn}.
  • Business and Organization Classification — {MyCompanyRequisiteRqOkpo}.
  • Company address — {MyCompanyRequisiteRegisteredAddressText}.
  • Phone number — {MyCompanyPhone}.
  • Bank — {MyCompanyBankDetailRqBankName}.
  • Acc. at — {MyCompanyBankDetailRqAccNum}.
  • Corr. a — {MyCompanyBankDetailRqCorAccNum}.
  • RCBIC — {MyCompanyBankDetailRqBik}.
Read more information in the article: Document templates.

Create a document with additional company details

In Bitrix24, there is a main company and additional companies.

Let's say you have one Bitrix24 account for three different companies. You have created 3 companies on the My company details page. By default, CRM elements and documents are created for the main company.

To find out which company is the main one, go to the CRM page > Settings > My company details. Click the gear icon and select the Default seller field.

In the entity form, the main company information will be displayed automatically.

To create an invoice, click on the Document button and select the desired option, for example - invoice.

By default, in deals, documents are created for the main company. To change the company in a deal, create a document and click Edit Document.


In the My company section, you can select the company. New data will appear in the document.

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