New features for Enterprise plans

In August 2022, we launched new cloud Enterprise plans for medium and large companies with 250-500-1000 or more employees.

The new cloud Enterprise plans mean high speed of work, extended security and fault tolerance. For this purpose, we organized a special server infrastructure of increased performance. Customers are placed in dedicated clusters in two independent data centers (master-master) on special, fully isolated equipment. Depending on the number of employees, additional capacities are allocated.

Multi Branches

Branch management is suitable for a holding company, the structure of which includes the head company and its branches: subsidiaries, regional offices, dealer offices, a network of outlets or franchisees.

Each branch works in its own Bitrix24, with its own employees, access permissions, independent CRM. The number of branches is unlimited.

Employees do not see the entire company and branch structure. But if necessary, you can allow them to see all or part of the branches.


Read more information in the article: Bitrix24 branch network.

Employee Login History

It is important to monitor compliance with network security measures within any company. Unauthorized access to information can cause great financial and reputational losses in a large company.

The new History of employee logins feature allows you to control access to Bitrix24 from different devices.

If an unfamiliar device logs in to the account, a user can log out from the Bitrix24 account on all devices except the current one in one click. The Bitrix24 administrator can also track employee logins and, if necessary, can force logouts on all employee devices.

Login history

Read more information in the article: Login history.

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