Custom fields in CRM Analytical Reports

By default, your Bitrix24 CRM will construct an analytical report based on the standard (default) fields.

If you have added custom fields to your CRM and want them to be included in the report, you will need to configure that in CRM > Settings > CRM Settings > Form and report settings > Analytical Reports.

On this page, you can select custom fields that will be added to the available reports. Currently, reports are available for Leads, Deals and Invoices (old version).

Choose the report type, click Add in the Custom fields section and select one of the available fields.

You can select custom fields of Number and Integer type only.

If you need to create a new custom field first, you can do it in two ways: in the CRM entity form and in the CRM settings.

Read more in the article - Custom fields in CRM.

Total sum

Here you can change the default total sum calculation and select which filed the system should take into account here. By default, the system calculates the total sum as the total of all products added to the deal. In case you need to use numbers from your custom fields instead, click Edit and select the custom field.

If you need to have both total sums of products sold in this deal and your custom field number (e.g. shipping costs) to be calculated, use the Add product amount option.

These settings will be applied to all reports for this record type (e.g. Deals).

Important! Analytical reports require that you update deal statistics to run correctly. If you don’t perform the update, the system won’t be able to recalculate analytics based on new conditions for the previous periods.

Deal statistics update can take some time - from a couple of minutes to several hours, depending on your database size.

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