Facebook: connect comments

You can connect Facebook comments with Bitrix24 and reply to comments on your Facebook posts in Bitrix24 Messenger.

  1. Go to CRM > Add-ons > Contact center and click Facebook: Comments in this section.

  2. Select an Open Channel to which you want to connect Facebook comments and click Connect.

  3. Log in to your Facebook account.

    Only the Facebook page administrator can connect it with Bitrix24. If you don't have a Facebook page, click Create.

    If the Facebook page is not displayed in the list of available pages when connecting it to Bitrix24, you have to configure access permissions to this page manually. Read more in the article - Fix problems with connecting Instagram and Facebook to Bitrix24.

  4. Select a Facebook page to connect with Bitrix24 and click Connect.

Your Facebook page is connected with Bitrix24!

How it works

Your client leaves a comment on your Facebook page.

You get a message in Bitrix24 Messenger and reply to your client.

Your reply is displayed as a comment on Facebook.

If there is no such client in your CRM database, a new lead is created (automatically or manually, depending on which option you enabled in the Open Channel settings).

Important features of connecting Facebook comments

  • When you disconnect the connected Facebook user in Open Channel settings, the Facebook page gets disconnected too.

  • When the connected Facebook user loses his/her administrative rights, this Facebook page gets disconnected automatically.

  • You can connect Facebook Page only (not groups).

  • Only comments to the Facebook Page posts will be sent to Bitrix24.

  • Facebook page authorization stays active for 60 days. If you want to change the connection settings after these 60 days, you need to log in to the same Facebook account again.

  • Any Bitrix24 administrator can connect/disconnect Facebook pages if he/she has access permissions to Open Channels settings.

  • You cannot connect the same Facebook page with Open Channels in several Bitrix24. Only the one that was connected last will work.

  • If your message contains more than 4096 characters, it will be sent split.

  • You can edit/delete your comments and delete clients' comments in this Open Channel.

  • People's replies to comments are displayed in separate chats in Bitrix24 (one person - one chat) and are added to the CRM automatically.

  • In this channel, automatic actions from the Open Channel settings do not work.

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