Facebook Messenger Platform, Instagram Direct and WhatsApp Business Policy update

In 2020, a new policy of Facebook messenger platform and WhatsApp Business was applied. Everybody who uses these platforms needs to comply with the new policy.

Overview of the new policy

  • Only a client can start a new conversation with a company. Companies can only reply to clients' messages.

  • Companies have up to 24 hours to respond to a client. This change aligns with people‚Äôs expectations of faster responses from businesses.

  • If more than 24 hours have passed since the last message from a client, it means that the client has finished the conversation.

How it works in Bitrix24

Some of the Bitrix24 open channels use Facebook Messenger Platform and WhatsApp Business. To comply with the new policy, we've made some changes to WhatsApp, Instagram Direct and Facebook Messages open channels.

When a client sends you a message via one of these open channels:

  • If an agent hasn't replied within 24 hours from the last message from the client, the agent won't be able to send messages to this client.

  • If an agent has replied to a client, but the client hasn't sent any messages within 24 hours after getting a reply, the agent won't be able to send messages to this client but will be able to close the conversation in Bitrix24. If this client sends a message later, the agent will be able to reply.

  • Agent's messages or canned responses don't affect this "24-hour messaging window".

  • Message Tags are not supported.
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