Business tools

Business tools are complex features of Bitrix24 that make your daily work much easier.

Business tools include:

  • CRM
  • Tasks & workgroups/projects
  • Calendars
  • Bitrix24 Drive (My Drive & Company Drive)
  • Open Channels
  • Business processes
  • Work time management
  • Work reports
  • Meetings & Briefings
  • Extranet
  • etc.

Extranet users are counted as business tools users.

The number of users with access to Bitrix24 business tools depends on your commercial plan. For more are on the prices page.

In order to give all users the possibility to test all business tools, activate free 15-days trial of the highest Bitrix24 plan under Subscription > Activate Trial.

Exceeding the number of users

On the Free plan, all employees have access to business tools.

The commercial plan has number of users limit.

Bitrix24 created after June 10, 2020

When the user limit is exceeded, access to Bitrix24 will be limited to the remaining users. This will happen if you you have an account created after June 10, 2020 or use one of the new subscription plans. An employee will only be able to log in the next day, if the limit is not exceeded again.

The administrator will have the limited access to Bitrix24. There will be pages for dismissing employees or for buying a higher plan with the required number of users.

For example, if you have 24 users on the plan, the 25th user will not be able to log in on that day, because the user limit is exceeded.
Read more in the article Commercial plans: a new approach to access to tools.

Bitrix24 created before June 10, 2020

You can invite an unlimited number of users to Bitrix24 if you have an account created before June 10, 2020 or use an archived plan.

By default, the first 2, 6, 24 or 50 users will get access to business tools depending on the commercial plan. Other users will not be able to access business tools. They will be able to chat for free in Feed and Chats and make video calls.

The Bitrix24 administrator can change the list of users. Go to SubscriptionBusiness Tools. On this page, you can add or delete employees.

You can change the list once a day. Therefore, if necessary, add or delete several employees and only then save the changes.
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