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Log in to Bitrix24 Desktop app and Bitrix24 Mobile app

Log in to Bitrix24 Desktop app

You can download Bitrix24 Desktop app for Mac, Windows or Linux(beta) here

When you first open the app, it will requests your authorization details: login (email) and password. 

Important: make sure you are inside correct Bitrix24 authorization page: cloud or on premise.

If you have signed up for Bitrix24 cloud version (e.g. if you have Free account), you should have Bitrix24 sign above login & password fields. If you use Bitrix24 on premise (self-hosted) version - please switch to the Corporate portal view with the help of bottom line option. 

If you have several Bitrix24 accounts registered at the same login, the system will show them to you to choose from:

Remember, you can always switch between accounts inside desktop app with help of special tab (read more about multiple accounts in desktop app here):

Log in to Bitrix24 Mobile app

Add your Bitrix24 login (email address) & password. Make sure you put your login data correctly, check keyboard layout:

There is an option to provide your Bitrix24 account address, please make sure you add account address in the correct format: e.g.,, etc.

Note that account address field should not contain @ sign. 

In case you have social networks type of authorization, just click on the corresponding tab - Facebook, Google Plus or Vk. 

If the system tells you that your login & password details are not correct, here is what can help:

  • check your login & password combination in web browser
  • make sure that you use correct login - check here Bitrix24 Network Profile
  • you can always reset your password via this form 
  • if the system requests one time password after main login & password, this means your account administrator has enabled 2 step authorization for your account (read more about OTP here)

Desktop app login for users enabled OTP

If you or your account administrator have enabled 2 step authorization for your account (OTP), then the authorization to desktop app process will be different. 

First, you need to get the desktop application code. Go to your Profile and open Application passwords:

At Application Passwords page go to Desktop app and Get Password:

Copy the code:

Now open your Bitrix24 desktop app & fill the login & password fields the following way:

  • Login - your login (email).
  • Password - the code you've copied from Applications Passwords page.

That's it! Your usual password is not required for desktop authorization if OTP is enabled for your account.

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