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CRM Start


Bitrix24 CRM Start Page provides a complete Communication, Sales and Workload overview in a convenient single page display.

How to work with CRM Start page

The upper section of Bitrix24 Start Page shows the effectiveness of each communication channel, whether it comes to email, social media or CRM forms.

You can also see the Workload statistics for each manager and determine in which area and how active they are individually.

Further on, you will find the analytical report area for sales and clients. A click on a number in each column leads to a page with a detailed list of records and other related information.

Sales, Customers and Deals reports are provided by default. They can be configured or supplemented by other analytical data if required by a sales professional.

Counters for all managers are provided at the bottom of the page. Each of them shows the level of Employees’ engagement into the sales process and their overall performance.

You can see in detail, how much an employee has already achieved (‘Completed’ graph), as well as how much is left to be done (‘Remaining’ graph). The general volume of sales is also displayed for each manager.

How to add your own Report

Click ‘Add Report’ button in the right upper corner of the page.

Select a required CRM entity and its display format. After this, configure the displayed data and the report will appear on the Bitrix24 Start Page.

Getting all the key information on sales and manager performance has never been easier!

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