View call logs

If you have a problem with Bitrix24 Telephony and contact Bitrix24 Support, our specialist may ask for call logs. Call logs contain technical and statistical data that can help to fix connection issues.

How to get call logs

  1. Click Telephony > Call details.
  2. To view the call log, click the icon under the Details column. If you don't see the Details column, click on Settings gear > tick Details and click Apply.
  3. The call log will be opened in the new tab. Copy the address from the browser address bar and send it to the Bitrix24 Support specialist.
    If you get Not found error when attempting to view call logs, this means the logs have been automatically deleted (note that call logs are stored for no longer than 1 month by our telephony provider).

Call Statuses

Bitrix24 Telephony uses SIP response status codes as call statuses:

  • Successful call (code 200) - the request has succeeded.
  • Skipped call (code 304) - this status has a non-standard code.
  • Call declined (code 603) - destination cannotparticipate in the call, no alternative destinations.
  • Call canceled (code 603-S) - destination doesn't want to participate in the call.
  • Denied (code 403) - the server understood the request but is refusing to fulfill it.
  • Invalid number (code 404) - the callee's SIP number is not found or doesn't exist.
  • Busy (code 486) - the callee is busy.
  • Address Incomplete (code 484).
  • Service Unavailable (code 503) - the server is temporarily unable to process the request due to a temporary overloading or maintenance of the server.
  • Temporary unavailable (code 480) - the callee is temporarily unavailable, try again later.
  • Payment Required (code 402) - not enough funds.
  • Blocked (code 423) - the server is rejecting the request because the expiration time of the resource refreshed by the request is too short.
  • Undefined - any other reason.

Call status is displayed in the Call details list. The code can be viewed in the corresponding call log.

If you use a third-party PBX and get a status code not listed in this article, please contact your SIP PBX provider. Or look for this code here - List of SIP response codes.
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