Repeat deals and inquiries

Clients can contact you many times. In this case, there will be several deals linked to one contact. In Bitrix24, such deals are divided into two groups: repeat inquiries and repeat deals.

Repeat inquiries

For example, a client has contacted your company several times but hasn't bought anything. You have converted repeat leads to deals, but none of these deals have been won.

All these deals are treated as Repeat inquiries.

Repeat deals

When the client has finally bought something from you, you successfully close the deal. All this client's deals that will be created in the future, will be marked as Repeat deals.

How to find repeat deals and leads?

In the Deal filter, there are fields New deal, Repeat deal, and Repeat inquiry. Use them to find the entities you want.

You can also use robots that will only work for repeat deals or leads. Specify the Condition: Repeat deal - Equals - Yes.

You can also select repeat leads and inquiries in conditions.

Robots can be used to move repeat deals to other stages, run business processes, and so on.

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