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What is SIP connector?

You can rent a number, but also you can connect your SIP PBX - office or cloud. All inbound calls are free.

But to make outgoing calls or forward calls using your SIP PBX, you need to purchase a SIP connector. SIP connector is not a device, it's a special module that helps to make outgoing calls and forward calls using your PBX.

SIP connector features:

  • You have 60 free minutes to test and configure your equipment before purchasing SIP connector. We recommend to use these free minutes to be sure that your connection works correctly.

  • When you run out of free minutes, you need to buy a SIP connector to be able to make outgoing calls using your PBX.

  • You can always check how many free minutes you have in Telephony > Connection section.

  • To buy a SIP connector, click Telephony > Connection > Cloud PBX or Office PBX > Buy SIP connector.

  • You don't need to buy a SIP connector to get inbound calls.

  • Outbound calls are charged by your PBX provider.

  • You can buy a SIP connector for $49/mo.
  • You need to buy only one SIP-connector, no matter how many SIP PBXs you need to connect.
  • SIP-connector needs to be purchased separately and is not related to Telephony balance.
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