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Open Channels Access Permissions

You can configure access permissions to Open Channels when connecting social networks/messengers to Bitrix24.

Click Contact center > select any social network/messenger > click the Configure button in the Access permissions section.

List of available access permissions:

  • Open Channels - View/Edit
  • Connect communication channels - Edit
  • Communication statistics - View
  • Communication history - View
  • Join conversation - Execute
  • Conversation rating - Execute
  • Common parameters - Edit
Open Channels access permissions configuration is available to Bitrix24 Start+, CRM+, Standard or Professional plan subscribers only. Free or Project+ plan subscribers cannot add new roles or edit default roles (Administrator, Chief executive, Manager).

Access Permissions are based on roles. By default, there are three roles: Administrator, Chief executive and Manager.

Click Add to add a new role.

Specify the Role name and configure access permissions for this role. Click Save.

Then you need to assign a role to a user/department. Click Add access permission and select a user/department.

Note that configured access permissions will be applied to all open channels, you cannot configure access permissions for a specific open channel.
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