Worktime tracking option is available to Bitrix24 Professional plan subscribers only. Learn more about Bitrix24 plans - Cloud pricing.

Go to the Company section > Time and Reports > Worktime to view employees' worktime and daily reports.

Regular employee can view only his/her worktime.

A supervisor can view his/her and subordinates' worktime.

An administrator can view any user's worktime.

Also, you can create additional roles and configure access permissions for these roles. Read more in the article - Work Schedules Access Permissions.

Additional settings

Click the actions menu button at the top right corner of the worktime table to view additional information.


To view the information about a workday, click on it in the worktime table. You will see the clock-in ad clock-out time, the break duration, the workday duration and the daily report.

A supervisor can Edit his/her subordinates' work hours by clicking the corresponding button.

Workdays filter

If a user has access permission to View/edit all work time records, he/she can use the workdays filter.

Work schedules list

Click the cogwheel button to view the list of company's Work Schedules.

Administrators can also edit, delete or create new schedules.

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