Send chat messages

Chats (conversations)

To start a new conversation, click the Create chat button and select a chat type.

Then enter the name or last name or email address to the corresponding field.

You can open the already existing chat by selecting it in the chat list.

Chats with employees are sorted by the last message date and time.

You can send messages to employees with the Offline status. The message will be delivered when this employee will log in to the Bitrix24 account. Also, this message will be displayed in the message history.

Click the small arrow next to a message to open the actions menu. The list of available actions depends on the message type:

  • Own messages - Quote message, Create task, Discuss in a new chat, Discuss in Activity Stream, Edit message, Delete message.

  • Received messages - Mark as unread, Quote messages, Create task, Discuss in a new chat, Discuss in Activity Stream.

You can also mention an employee in your message by clicking the corresponding button or just press + or @ and select an employee.

Pin conversation

You can pin a conversation in the chat list. Right-click the conversation in the list > click Pin conversation.

You can unpin the conversation in the same way.

"Message read" status

You can always see if the message has been viewed. Viewed messages have the Message read status.

If you have opened a chat, seen an important message, but don't have time to reply to it at that moment, you can mark this message as unread by clicking the small arrow next to the message > Mark as unread.

The message will be marked as unread and the read counter will appear next to the conversation in the chat list.

You can like messages and add emoji to your message by clicking the corresponding button.

You can configure hotkeys used for sending messages by clicking the Enter button at the bottom right corner. You can switch between Enter and Ctrl+Enter. Also, you can expand the text entry box by pulling its top margin.

Working with files

You can send files in chats by clicking the Attach file button > Select on computer or Select on My Drive.

The file will be sent. It can be Downloaded or Saved to Drive.

There is one more way to send a file, just drag and drop the file.

If you need to Copy file and send it to the other chat, you can click the small arrow next to the file and click the corresponding button in the actions menu. Then just paste it to your message.

External (Extranet) users

You can send messages to Extranet users in the same way as to your employees and colleagues. The only difference is that Extranet users have a special orange mark next to their names.

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