Data backup and recovery

All Bitrix24 Cloud accounts are backed up daily (both free and commercial plans). This means that your Bitrix24 accounts data are protected from any tech issues or any unpredictable circumstances that may happen at our end. Please note that usually these copies are stored for one week.

Please note that we restore lost data from the backup file only for Bitrix24 Standard and Professional plans subscribers.

If somebody of your employees has deleted data (tasks, CRM records, etc.) and you are Bitrix24 Standard or Professional plan subscriber, you can contact our Helpdesk with data backup restore request (please read the notes below first).

Please submit your data recovery request if some significant amount of data is lost. Data recovery is a complicated process, and it's impractical to use if a small amount of data is lost.

There are two ways to restore data:

  1. CSV file

    Bitrix24 Support can create a CSV file with all CRM elements for the desired date. You'll only need to import data to CRM. This method is the safest as all the information on your account stays safe.

    CSV file contains a list of CRM elements like contacts, deals, leads or companies. It doesn't contain activities, comments and history.

  2. Full Bitrix24 backup restore

    Your whole Bitrix24 account database will be rolled back to the requested date, all changes made after that date will be lost. This option should be chosen when you need to restore lost tasks, calendar events, or anything else besides Bitrix24 CRM.

Please note

  • Data recovery request must be submitted by the account’s owner (a user who has registered your Bitrix24\1st administrator).
  • Data recovery cannot be performed for one particular user\employee, it will affect all the users of your Bitrix24 account.
  • Data recovery is possible for the time period equivalent to one week back max.
  • All data added after the requested backup date will be lost.

If you are Bitrix24 Free, Start+, CRM+, or Project+ plan subscriber and plan to purchase a Standard or Professional plan subscription in order to restore the lost data, please follow the instructions below:

  • Submit a ticket to the Helpdesk with the required backup date and specify which restore option do you need (CRM or full backup).
  • Helpdesk confirms if it's possible to restore your data.
  • You purchase a Standard or Professional plan subscription.
  • We will restore your lost data after we get the payment confirmation.
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